Captive Prince Title Sequence

For the final project of the 'Time-Based Typography 1' class at SCAD I created a title sequence inspired by the book series Captive Prince, a fictional historical gay romance series with a focus on political intrigue and deception. This title was worked on over the span of approximately five days, from the first models to the post production.

This being my first 3D motion piece, I had learned to use and animate in Cinema4D in order to execute the concept of cold yet delicately treated chess pieces advancing upon the board of a changing game. The black and clear glass King pieces symbolize the two main characters of the story. They are initially dire enemies, as are the black and white pieces of a chessboard. However, faced with betrayal from their own kin, the two princes band together against a third common enemy, whose color is depicted as red. 

Music: "Moonshine" by Lionel Schmitt.