Growing Up

A short film created at SCAD by Hyemin Hailey Lee with animation assistance from myself and Wei-Shen Wang. 

Growing Up is telling a series of my personal childhood story.  As children, many of us hoped to grow up quickly.  For example, children often say things like, "When I grow up, I want to be a doctor / astronaut / movie star".  We thought that we would be able to do anything once we get older.  However, if one were to stop and think, we would realize that we are still looking forward to the future and actually still growing up, whether it be becoming rich, becoming a boss, owning a better car or getting married and having children.  This project, Growing Up, narrates the importance of embracing the present. - Hyemin Hailey Lee


This film was designed, directed, and animated by Hailey. She started with a set of beautiful stylized boards, and after deciding that she needed cel animation to effectively portray some of the motion, she contacted me for help. We quickly brought in Wilson (Wei-Shen) to assist in keyframe animation, and he went a step further in using Cinema 4D to create motion references for some of the cel animated parts. 

As Hailey's cel animator, I worked on the rough motions and timing of all of the cel sequences. When the motion and timing were approved, I consulted Hailey on the style of the details. Either she would draw on top of some of my rough frames to illustrate the overall look, or I would try my hand at continuing her style. The detailing and cleanup work was split between me and Hailey; I did the wine and apples, while Hailey finished the bubble pop and the dress. In some cases my job was simply to work on top of the 3D motion references created by Wilson, such as for the rotating makeup and rotating shoes scenes. I imported the movie files to photoshop and overlayed the 3D reference with Hailey's styleframes, using the 3D to check position and timing while including necessary stylizations in the animation.

Growing Up ( Color Storyboard )

Growing Up ( Color Storyboard )


Direction, Design, and Animation
 Hyemin Hailey Lee

 Wei-Shen Wang

Ana Chang

Sound Design
Kai Paquin

Paul Suite

Madeline Miller

Script Editing
Kaitlyn Kolesaire