House of Cards

A demo show package for the Netflix series House of Cards in Austin Shaw's Brand Packaging class at SCAD. 
Wesley Nelson, Sara Roma, and I collaborated in creating a shot list for the show open. I illustrated the storyboards, and we separately created styleframes and assets.

I animated the show open with some sections animated by Sara Roma, who also worked with Wes to complete the lower thirds.


A collection of frames I created for this project.

Style Explorations

Initial explorations. Envisioning a graphic style, I experimented with scale, line, and typography. I had looked up records of Congressional hearings to use as possible typographic assets.

Further explorations integrating cleaner whites and marble textures, the Michael Kelley frame executed by Wesley Nelson.

Tests by Sara Roma on the stylization of portraits, backgrounds, vector, and grunge, which we decided to use as our main art direction.


Sara Roma
Wesley Nelson
Ana Chang

Ana Chang
Sara Roma