The Nowhere Train

A series of design boards created at SCAD. 

I left you early on a Saturday morning. Severing the threads which connected me to friends and family, I found myself surrounded by strangers. I held in my hand a train ticket to an unknown destination... On the train I watched the outside world pass by in a blur. Here no one could find me, or see the person that I once was; I had faded to nothing on a train headed to nowhere.

Inspired by the prompt of ‘love’, I examined the theme of abandoned love. I chose to tell the story of a man who finds himself unworthy of human connection and his escape to a place where he can ‘become nothing’. The story is told through a simplistic illustrated style emphasizing space, mirroring the room for interpretation in the narrative. The chosen color palette is light and airy to further distance the boards from the concrete, instead pushing a surreal and dreamlike vision.